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Dryer Sheet Substitutes 101

Dryer Sheet Substitutes 101

There is nothing quite like the convenience of dryer sheets. All you need to do is move one load into the dryer, make sure the lint trap is clear, and add a single sheet of polyester with various properties to support its drying capabilities. After that, you just close the dryer, hit the right settings, and press start. While there are many notable advantages of dryer sheets, there are times when we might want to consider an alternative. Today let’s explore the three most common reasons to think about using dryer sheet substitutes.

You Experience Skin Reactions from Dryer Sheets

Most dryer sheets tend to contain chemicals to which some people experience reactions. These reactions can range from laundry detergent rashes to allergic reactions or general irritations. Do you or someone you live with experience such reactions? Start researching alternatives that will not be as harsh on your skin or overall well-being. If you are not sure that dryer sheets are the cause, run one item of clothing through a dryer cycle without a dryer sheet and see if you experience that same reaction to wearing that item of clothing. If that reaction isn’t provoked, you will need to start your search for dryer sheet substitutes.

You Spend Too Much Money Buying New Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are, more often than not, single-use items. That means a single dryer sheet gets disposed of after a single cycle. While boxes can contain up to 160 sheets, it is still creating more and more unnecessary waste. The average American household completes 7.4 loads, or 50 pounds, of laundry per week, so while 160 can seem like plenty, if you live in a four-person household, those sheets will disappear very fast. The frequency at which those sheets are being used will send you back to buy more new dryer sheets, which will in turn mean spending money you could otherwise be saving. If you are concerned about going green or just saving money, it is worth reconsidering the overall utility of dryer sheets in your life.

Ultimately, They Aren’t That Necessary

While dryer sheets come with such benefits as (including but not limited to) stain resistance, lint prevention, and static reduction, they ultimately aren’t necessary to the same extent as standard detergent. Dryer sheets are already discouraged from use for cycles that include athletic wear, towels, and children’s sleepwear, and removing them from the regular drying routine won’t dramatically change the state of your clothes. However, a few notable dryer sheet substitutes are worth considering if you still want that enhanced drying effect on your laundry.

Some Suitable Dryer Sheet Substitutes

There are countless substitutes for dryer sheets, but three of the most notable ones are wool dryer balls, aluminum balls, and reusable dryer cloths. Wool dryer balls can be purchased or homemade. All you do is pop one into a dring load and let it do its job. The best part? These are reusable. Making aluminum balls involves scrunching up aluminum foil into the size of a baseball and adding it to the load. Finally, dryer cloths, like wool dryer balls, are also either homemade or purchased. These reusable options reduce waste, save money, and are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than their mass-produced dryer sheet counterparts.

dryer sheet substitutes wool ball

What Can You Do?

You might now find that you are having the experiences described above with dryer sheets, or maybe you are just curious to try out other options. If you are going to make this transition, consult a professional about their own recommendations for dryer sheet alternatives. You want to make sure that the dryer you own will work well with whatever dry sheet substitute you want to try. Contact us today, and we can talk you through that process.

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