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How To Change Fridge Water Filter

How To Change Fridge Water Filter

Water filters in your fridge are an important protection against any contamination from entering your ice maker or the rest of your fridge. For that reason, it’s essential to maintain your fridge water filter and keep it clean. However, even the fridge water filter will need to be replaced eventually. The question is when and how you change a fridge water filter. For this reason, you will learn when and how to change fridge water filter in this blog. 

how to change fridge water filter

When To Change Fridge Water Filter 

Before getting into how to change fridge water filter, it’s important to know when this needs to be done. If an ice maker is attached to your fridge or freezer, then you’ll need to change the fridge water filter at least every six months or once a year. The more often you use your dispenser or ice maker, the more likely it is that it’ll need replacing every six months rather than once a year. 

How To Change Fridge Water Filter 

Now that you know when to change fridge water filter, it’s time to learn how to change fridge water filter. This process should be fairly DIY-friendly unless there are any additional problems with your filter. There are two types of fridge water filters: twist-on and push-in filters. For this guide’s purposes, we will look at both. 

1. Open The Filter

Before opening either type of filter, experts recommend placing a towel underneath it so you won’t need to clean up any leaks or drips later. When locating a twist-on filter, check the drawer, door, or any interior component for the filter. To open the twist-on, turn it one-quarter counterclockwise (or left) before pulling it out. 

If your fridge has a push-in filter, you’ll most likely locate it by the side interior or back fridge wall. You just need to push a button or the filter itself to open it. After locating and opening it, you’ll remove the filter from the filter housing. Please keep in mind that, as far as locating the filters is concerned, it’s important to consult the appropriate user manual to help find them. 

2. Remove The Cap/Cover

Once the filter is open and removed from the filter housing, you’ll move the cap or cover (depending on the design of the filter) to the new filter unit. After removing the twist-on filter, you’ll place the cover on the new filter. The same process applies to push-in filters. 

3. Insert The New Filter

For the new twist-on fridge water filter, you’ll need to insert it by turning it one-quarter of the way clockwise (or right) and ensure it’s nice and secure. Where your new push-in filter is concerned, you’ll just push it into the filter housing until it’s absolutely secure. 

4. Flush Your New Filter 

Now that your new fridge water filter is installed, it’s time to flush out any of the carbon so it can work as expected. Flush your new filter by pouring one or two gallons of water from the filter into a pitcher. Continue doing this if the water continues to come out discolored. Once the water looks clear, your new filter will be all set. 

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Not only do you now know how to change fridge water filter; but you also know how to change two types of these filters and when they need changing. While this process should be DIY-friendly, if you find there are additional issues while completing it, chances are there is a much bigger issue at play that requires professional attention. If you find yourself in this position, contact us at Appliance Repair Carrollton so you can keep your fridge in shape.

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