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How To Replace Gasket On Freezer Door

How To Replace Gasket On Freezer Door

Have you ever wondered what that elastic-looking strip that runs along your freezer door is called? That part is actually the gasket. The gasket on your freezer door is a flexible rubber or plastic that keeps it sealed. 

In other words, A gasket helps your freezer stay cold, preventing any cold air from escaping. Without these gaskets, any food you store in your fridge or freezer will spoil very quickly. Of course, even with proper care and maintenance, these gaskets will need to be replaced. 

You’ll know that it’s time to replace gasket on freezer door if there are any tears or visible damage. It might also be time to replace gasket on freezer door if the temperature regulation continues to be off after extensive troubleshooting. There are quite a few ways to determine if your gasket needs replacing. For this reason, it’s essential to know how to replace gasket on freezer door. 

1. Find And Order The New Gasket

After you know that your gasket needs replacing, you’ll need to check out the make and model of your freezer to order the correct replacement. This information should be easily available in the user manual or rating plate. Once you know the make and model of your freezer and the appropriate part, you should be able to order the gasket from the manufacturer’s website. 

2. Smooth Out New Gasket

When your new gasket arrives, take time to smooth it out. By smoothing it out, you remove any creases that could possibly lead to air getting trapped in the gasket after installation. Experts recommend either soaking the gasket in warm water or using a hair dryer with a low-heat setting. To prevent the gasket from expanding, let it cool down as needed. 

3. Gather The Appropriate Supplies 

Before officially approaching how to replace gasket on freezer door, you need to gather all the appropriate supplies for this task. To successfully go about how to replace gasket on freezer door you’ll need a towel, a screwdriver and or Allen wrench, and petroleum jelly. All of these supplies will be necessary in addition to your new gasket. 

4. Turn Off Freezer And Remove The Food 

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary supplies, remove all food and other items from the freezer. It shouldn’t take very long to complete this process, so you should be able to store them with a friend or neighbor or in another freezing unit in your home. After removing all food and items from your freezer, turn it off and disconnect it. 

how to replace gasket on freezer door

5. Remove Old Gasket

Now it’s time to officially learn how to replace gasket on freezer door, starting with removing the old gasket. You’ll remove the old gasket by first loosening, not removing, the gasket screws. You’ll be able to pull off the old gasket as it gets looser. Again, the screws aren’t to be removed but loosened.

6. Clean The Track

After removing the old gasket, use another towel or rag to wipe down and clean the track. This will ensure that no gunk or debris gets trapped by the new gasket. Ensure none of the screws fall out during this process. 

7. Install New Gasket

After the track is clean, carefully place the new gasket in the track. As each part is installed, tighten the screws as you make your way around. Test out the door to make sure the gasket is secure and aligned. 

8. Rub Petroleum Jelly On New Gasket

For the last step in how to replace gasket on freezer door, rub petroleum jelly on the new gasket. Doing this will ease the opening process. Make sure to rub a very light amount of petroleum jelly on the new gasket for maximum effectiveness. 

Our Technicians Will Solve Your Freezer Problems!

Knowing how to replace gasket on freezer door will leave you more prepared to carry out this task when the time comes. However, your freezer will likely face many problems, not all of which can be solved with a DIY approach. If your freezer is experiencing problems requiring extra help, contact us today at Appliance Repair Carrollton, and our technicians will look. 


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