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Why Is Your Washer Not Spinning?

Why Is Your Washer Not Spinning?

You finally find time to take care of your laundry. You take time to organize your clothes into darks and lights and proceed to select which to run through the washer first. After adding detergent and selecting the appropriate settings, you press start only for the load to stay still. You try again, but you still see the washer not spinning. Frustrated, you are now asking yourself, “Why is my washer not spinning?” If this question is still running through your mind upon reading this, then you are in luck. Today, you are going to learn about the possible reasons behind your washer not spinning in this blog. 

1st Reason Behind Your Washer Not Spinning: Drainage Problems 

One possible reason behind your washer not spinning is a backed-up drain. A backed-up or broken drain hose keeps your washing machine from flushing out water, preventing it from spinning. These drainage problems can be attributed to clothing or debris getting caught in the drain pump or a dented drain hose. When you call a technician to inspect your washer’s drainage system, ensure all the water is manually drained first. Once that drain is clear, and the hose is back in working shape, your cycle should be able to spin without issue. 

2nd Reason Behind Your Washer Not Spinning: Broken Drives And Or Other Motor Issues

Not all washers are built the same, but they all depend on some kind of drive or motor to spin clothes dry. Issues with the motor can result in any washer not spinning. The two most common types of motors used in washing machines are direct drive and belt drive motors. If your washing machine uses a belt drive, the lack of spinning could come from a belt drive that fell out of its place, or the belt drive is worn out and needs replacing. 

Another possible motor-related issue that might be leading to your washer not spinning is a poor motor coupler in a top-load washer. The coupler connects the motor to the washer itself, so a broken or worn-out coupler can lead to a non-spinning washer. Whatever the motor issue may be, a technician will be the best person to diagnose and resolve the problem with efficiency and urgency. 

3rd Reason Behind Your Washer Not Spinning: Overloaded Washing Machine

Speaking of motor issues leading to a washer not spinning, an overloaded washing machine can actually exacerbate some of these problems. Concerning the coupler, an overloaded washer can put excessive pressure on the coupler, keeping it from working at optimal performance. Overloading the washer makes it more likely for the coupler to wear out and break sooner than its estimated life expectancy. If you want your washing machine to keep spinning, make sure every load is the right size for your machine to manage. 

overloaded washer not spinning

4th Reason Behind Your Washer Not Spinning: Unbalanced Washing Machine 

Sometimes the position of your washing machine can determine whether or not your cycle spins. If you noticed your machine previously producing unusual sounds, or you check the pedestal to find it uneven, take time to readjust your machine to a level position. If you don’t know how to ensure your machine is level, consult the user manual, then proceed to troubleshoot. If neither rebalancing the machine nor redistributing the load gets the washer spinning again, call for help. 

Appliance Repair Carrollton Will Make Sure Your Washer Spins Again!

Now that you know what might be leading to your washer not spinning, you can take the necessary steps to either prevent that scenario from happening or call the right people to fix the problem as soon as possible. If you are not sure where to find the best technicians for the job, then the good news is that all of our technicians at Appliance Repair Carrollton are certified and bring years of experience to the table. Contact us today, and we will make sure your washer spins again!

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