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Steps to Take to Fix a Dishwasher That Won’t Drain

Steps to Take to Fix a Dishwasher That Won’t Drain

It’s been at the back of your mind all day. You try to run from it, but it lingers like a shadow. That pile of dishes isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and you need to do something about it. Thankfully, you have a dishwasher to make this process easier.

You load up your dishwasher, press the start button, and eagerly wait for that satisfying swishing and whirring sound. Instead, you’re met with a pool of water at the bottom of the dishwasher. Your dishwasher won’t drain, but there is a solution to this problem. Explore this blog so you can conquer this dilemma and experience the joy of a smoothly operating dishwasher.

Steps to Take to Fix a Dishwasher That Won’t Drain

In order to fix a dishwasher that won’t drain, you will need to follow the tips below:

Clear Any Blockages

An easy way to fix your draining issues is by unclogging the drain. More often than not, when your dishwasher refuses to drain, it is because there is a blockage in its pathway. Start by investigating the dishwasher drain hose and air gap for any clogs. If you find any obstructions, clear them out to let the water flow freely once more.

Revive the Drain Pump

The drain pump is essential to the functionality of your dishwasher, ensuring the water pumps out effectively. If you’re experiencing clogging issues, it could be debris or foreign objects obstructing the pump’s operation. If you notice that the drain pump is sluggish or simply out of commission, you need to ensure it’s not jammed or clogged. If that doesn’t do the trick, you might need to replace or repair the drain pump to restore its functionality.

Restore Your Drain Valve

The drain valve is another crucial component that ensures your dishwasher drains properly. This valve lets water out to the designated drainpipe. But when it doesn’t function as intended, you will have a draining disaster on your hands. This issue arises when the drain valve is broken or faulty. You can nip this problem in the bud by seeking a professional to repair or replace the drain valve.

Check the Dishwasher Control Board

The dishwasher’s control board is the brain behind the brawn. This intricate component ensures your dishwasher is functioning properly, coordinating various functions and cycles. But when it starts to act up, a replacement might be in order. With a brand-new, healthy control board, your dishwasher will be able to dance to the right tune once again, ensuring smooth operation and proper drainage.

Boost the Water Pressure

Some people need coffee to conquer the day, and your dishwasher works similarly, needing water pressure to function properly. Without adequate water pressure, your dishwasher’s ability to drain is ineffective, which is why you need to ensure the water pressure is at the right level. To do this, adjust the water supply valve accordingly, restoring your dishwasher’s draining power and efficiency.

Steps to Take to Fix a Dishwasher That Won't Drain

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By clearing any blockages, reviving your drain pump, restoring your drain valve, and much more, you will be able to fix a dishwasher that won’t drain. No more pooling water, and no more frustration. With the tips listed above, you will be able to continue the smooth functioning of your dishwasher. You can also rely on Appliance Repair Carrollton to fix your dishwasher’s problems.

You don’t have to handle everything all by yourself; allow the professionals to work their magic. We have the experts you need to not only resolve your dishwasher woes but also restore the functionality of many of your other appliances. Whether you need your oven to stop acting up or your refrigerator to have that cool factor again, we have you covered. Simply give us a call, and our team will gladly help you bring your appliances back to peak performance.

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