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New Washing Machine Q&A

New Washing Machine Q&A

You own a reliable washing machine. Whether you’re washing delicates or heavy loads, the settings work as they are expected, as they have for the past several years. One day, your washer gives out, and after troubleshooting every possible issue and even consulting a technician, you receive the dreaded news that it’s time to replace it. The thought of finding a new washing machine might feel overwhelming. How do you know which one to buy? If you find yourself stressed by this question, then this guide for replacement washing machine research is what you need. Here are four questions worth exploring when thinking about what you want from your new washing machine.

1. What Size Do You Want For Your New Washing Machine?

Do you want your washing machine to be able to take in a bigger load? Are you concerned with how it will match your dryer size-wise? Are you worried about accidentally ordering a new washing machine that can barely get into your laundry room? Washing machines can come in all kinds of sizes, so when doing your research, pay attention to the size of your new washer. If you want your new machine to be close in size to your last one, record your own measurements of your old washer to use as a reference point when searching for its replacement.

2. Do You Want a Top-Load or Front-Load Washer?

There are actually two kinds of washers: top-load and front-load. Top-load washers have the door on the top surface of the washing machine; front-load washers usually have a transparent circular front opening through which one can see the spin cycle in action. If your main concern is saving water, then a front-load washer is recommended; if you would rather cut back on maintenance, a top-load washer works. Front-load and top-load washers have their own unique perks; your choice comes down to what you would like to prioritize for your new washing machine.

a top load washing machine

3. What Is Your Budget For A New Washing Machine?

You should always review your budget before making a major purchase, such as a washing machine. Once you have an idea as to what kind of washer you want, see if you can allocate any money from your current budget to make the purchase. If you are concerned about what money still remains, you can make a plan to save money towards the purchase of your new washing machine. If the need for a new washer is urgent, see if you are able to track down a washing machine with the features you desire at a lower price. You may be able to purchase a used or refurbished appliance.

4. What Are Other People Saying?

When making a final decision on any purchase, reviews are your best friend. Find reviews on the seller’s site or credible third-party sites to get an idea of what others are saying. If you notice that people relay an overall positive experience, then you can safely make the purchase. If you notice a high concentration of mixed or negative feedback, you should probably move on to the next washing machine you have in mind for purchase. You can also consult a knowledgeable professional who might be familiar with the make and model of the washing machine you are looking for to gain more insight as to whether or not that specific washer is worthwhile.

We Can Help!

We hope that by exploring the above questions, you will be able to feel less overwhelmed by the prospect of buying a new washing machine for your home. The good news is that you do not have to conduct this search alone. Appliance Repair Carrollton is here to help with every part of the process, from finding a new machine to installation needs. Contact us today for your next washing machine to be better than the last.

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